Back from the island

So I just realised I don't have a label for my travels, so I created Travelogy starting with this entry. Hopefully I have more and more travel stories to share in the future. But my maiden trip to Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort wasn't about a holiday at all. It was work. I'm a fam trip virgin no more... Nothing on Berjaya Hills because I missed the trip up for the event on 'The King & I'. Was down with high fever. But at least you guys didn't have to go to the hospital to visit me. I was suspected of having dengue fever at first. But I'm alright now.

Good airport. It knows smoking is bad for health.

We flew to Tioman via Berjaya Air and it's suffice to say that the airplane is only able to fly short distances and thank god for that. I always seem to forget an item or two after I leave the house for a trip. It's a bad curse I have. So I was longing for a jacket when I came close to shivering at the Subang Airport. I don't know what happened between the cab driver and my mom but I was so near to getting sent to KLIA instead. Imagine the disaster that would've happened if I really did end up at the wrong airport.

Well, apart from the fact that my boss wanted me to start knowing the resorts and the people who work there, I was there for the Tioman Mega Dive. An event that could've gone to greater heights if the organizers were less disorganized. But let's not get to the bitching, shall we?

Room 501 - Standard Chalet. Newly refurbished somemore. I liked my room a lot. Even more so if it was right next to the beach. But I wasn't too far away though. The room was small and cosy, just nice for any lone traveller or a couple. It was just so comfy to sleep on that King-sized bed all on my own. Syiok!! The bathroom was nice, but any person in bigger size wouldn't have been able to fit into the bath tub. It's kinda small. And I wished the hot water stayed hot.

Sri Nelayan... This place is huge. And it's called a coffee house. More like an eating hall, I'd say. I was surprised with the amount of angmohs we had at the resort. Local travellers were a rare sight.

The Superior Chalets, for those who prefer bigger room space or simply want to choose to live on a higher level, for whatever reason...

Getting around on the shuttle. Bad ass modified vehicle. Plenty of those around on the island. No JPJ to saman the people here.

Not much of interesting bits for this trip. Mostly due to the fact that I only stayed one night. But it was a great experience to finally arrive at one of the places which I only got to know from the brochures and flyers we work on in the office everyday. And meeting my colleagues at the resort was fun. We had beer 'til one a.m. in the midnight, just blowing water and laughing at our personal jokes. Was just spending some fun time with some really cool people. Aah... Kill me if you want me to stay longer than a week here, though. Life is so mundane here. You do the same boring stuff over and over within the same small space. I don't know how the guests stay more than a week on one stretch when they come. I can't handle that. Unless it's Hawaii or something like that. Looking forward my next fam trips.


aichiban said...

cant stand a week?
many ppl spend years just to be away from the life they know.
not tioman though, malaysia sux for that. thailand plenty of angmohs just dump their old life and enjoy the company of sincerely frenly Thais

you need plenty of courage to truly let go
but nonetheless, i will need internet!!

deb said...

wah! nice! any luck on Berjaya buying property here in qatar?