'Cause I live to eat

Let's start my culinary adventures beginning from this Friday. It's been a while since I blogged about food but hey, I'm no Anthony Bourdain so people please forgive me. Sophia also introduced me to a food blog which I absolutely fell in love with. I've already tagged the link on my site. Anyone interested can check it out. It's very nice. I tried one of the laksa stall which was featured and man, I have another great laksa place to go to whenever I'm in PJ. In the waiting list are the beef noodles and Thai food. Yum yum... Mr. Bun also can't wait to try out these places.


Lunch on Friday was at this restaurant located on Level 4 of Sg. Wang Plaza. I went on Thursday and I absolutely fell in love with the place. That's why I had to drag everyone else back there the next day. It's your usual lunching place, but Vietnamese food is the theme here. And I luurrrvvvveeeee Vietnamese food!

Hot Mama fried rice

Crispy shrimp bananarama. The one with sesame coasting on top had chunks of banana in it, while the other one had banana puree. I like the one with banana puree better 'cause it's sweeter.

Vietnamese coffee

Thai pineapple fried rice. Came with two big and juicy prawns on top.

I ordered this roast beef rice. Not bad, not bad at all...

Ayam percik rice ball... One of the items which I will defintely try the next time I'm here.

Fresh shrimp roll. I'm not really familiar with the condiments that are used in Vietnamese food, but it was really flavoursome when I took a bite. Goes well with the shrimp paste.

Cheesy chicken canai roll. This one I don't really like. The roti canai was too thick and I couldn't really taste the fillings inside. Kinda tough to chew as well.

Paddle-pop coloured ice cream which came with Eric's Hot Mama fried rice. There's a wide list of set meals at this place so it's not really a problem if you're on a budget. But of course if you order from the set menu then you won't get to taste the side dishes. And I wish they had an unlimited avocado stock so that I can finally taste the avocado drink. Me want smooth skin...


Mr. Bun was walking on air when I told him that my mom asked if he wanted to come along to Genting with us. My dad was up there and my second brother had to go for a seminar and it was my mom's birthday. So I went. But Mr. Bun had to work so he couldn't. He wouldn't have went even if he was free. The boyfriend still shy shy. He bought these doughnuts for my mom. But mainly for me lah... I absolutely love the almond and chocolate banana one. So far I only dislike the vanilla one, which I didn't buy this time around. Oh, Mr. Bun bought the chicken floss one and needless to say, we both agreed that chicken floss doesn't go well with doughnuts and we prefer Breadstory much better.


We've been to this place for the first time before my eldest brother left for India. It was okay the first time around. This time, everything sucks. No one greeted us when we came in and the staff were busy chit-chatting while we glared at them for not setting up the table and giving us the menu. Suffice to say that I will not recommend you guys to this restaurant. It's weird to start your dinner with a dessert but that's how my dad wanted it so what the heck!

Gui ling gao which sucks 'cause the honey+sugar syrup sucks

The dish on top is mixed vegetables with bamboo something something and the one right below it is beancurd something something. Both were tasteless and absolutely horrible. How can something with tons of mushroom end up so terrible?

Mint mayonnaise prawn ball without any mint taste at all. Just green coloured mayonnaise.

Most decent-tasting dish, Hong Kong choy sum.

I have to ask Alex to tapau some Krispy Kreme when he comes back from Jakarta in August. I'm bitten by the doughnut bug. I'm turning into Homer Simpson.

P/S: The Simpsons movie was hillarious although a little too short. Make sure you stay until the credits roll to the end. 'Cause the end ties back to the beginning. If you get what I mean.