And I wished time would pause

So I got a free ticket to watch 'The King & I' during the weekend and my review would be a conensed and compact summary of two words:

Nice biceps.

Seriously. The lead and supporting males had huge ass muscles! The first half of the show was draggy and I didn't fancy the King's monolouges at all. Second half was at least bearable. The ending was so "wtf like that you also can call ending ah? wtf wtf". It could've been more engaging if I joined the lunch with the cast members two weeks ago, but you can't just summon a high fever away, can you?

Weekend was umm... I would call nice. But of course too short. Had nice and not-so-nice moments but I wished the weekend would never end. But everything comes to an end. Even draggy musicals with wtf endings and Harry Potter. Btw, it was so funny to see Harry Potter on sale for RM69.90 at Tesco...