Wedding: Waiting to be Inspired

Isn't this super adorable? Totally fits my philosophy of "Your money is my money, my money is my money". Muahahaha...

My colleague, Kenix just told me she's getting married in October. Like Mr. Bun and myself, her relationship with her fiance is only a few months old. But they've already known each other since their college days. He recently proposed and she's quitting her job here soon to help her husband-to-be in his business. Ahh... So romantic.

I'm supposed to work on a generic wedding ad for our three islands. I'm so not inspired. I mean, I'm in love. But there's a difference between being a woman in love and a woman with a truly romantic ad concept. If I were to have a wedding, it's gonna be so OTT that the word romantic would become an understatement. So how to think of a romantic ad concept leh? Actually I did have one yesterday when my boss asked me to work on it. She told me to refer to an ad she worked on for her former employer and to my surprise, my initial (and blurry) concept was similar to hers. Great minds think alike, eh? :p

Groan... I'm terrible at this whole branding thing. But what to do? Must learn to overcome my limitations lah! Not sure if my ad concept will be well-received though. Tsk tsk... Hopefully Kenix's wedding energy is powerful enough to spark off some inspiration from my unromantic brain cells.

Hate it when I'm surrounded by this whole wedding talk. Makes me think of how my life would be if I were a missus. So far-fetched from my life right now. Which makes me hate thinking about it. Oh... My colleague, Sophia said it's a good idea us gals work with our husbands once we are married. That way, we can go to work whenever we feel like it, and not go to work when we have no mood for it. I told Sophia I'd talk to Mr. Bun and ask him to take over his dad's coffee shop after we get married. He can marry a few more concubines and they'll be the workers at the kopitiam, helping to serve customers, clean the dishes and what not. I don't mind the extra wives as long as he comes home in the evening to me with the moolah. I'm such a talented and efficient HR manager right? I know which industry I can join if I were ever to lose interest in the one I'm currently in.

Anyone with romantic wedding ideas/dreams/plans? Share with me can? Can lah...

P/S: I think the wedding vibe is starting to rub off some magic on me. Thanks to these wedding websites which Sophia recommended. How can you not love this poem I found??

"Body heat, tickled laughter, whispered sweets
Tangled feet, rumpled blanket, sweaty sheets
Hearts on beat, candid comfort, no tricks just treats
So complete, and tomorrow, let's repeat"


aichiban said...

there are a lot of "branding" books, courses, talks and whats not.

it seems to be quite a thing several years back