Feeling crappy, Feeling jazzy.

I guess that makes me Crazzy? Meaning crazy. Deb's right. I do sound depressed lately. I realised most of my depressing entries are posted during my working hours. Gosh... How can the job I love so much make me so depressed? It's not the job... It's some people, trust me. So how to reduce depression level to keep working progress ah? Listen to Michael Bublé la, of course! Since my crappy PC has no sound card, my mp3 player is being put to good use again. Talking about my mp3 player, now I realised 512MB is soooooooo not enough. I need want *cough cough* a new iPod *cough*

I'm never a jazz person, but Michael Bublé is just irresistable. I do feel much better when I listen to his songs while working. Very relaxing. Even more so if the vacuum cleaner stops making all that fucking noise. At one point, I was actually lip-synching and moving my head around. Two seconds later, I stopped because I suddenly remembered that I'm in the office. Not owned by my father somemore. Bublé's songs also remind me of my barista days. Back when I had that piece of green cloth over my torso, smell of coffee in my hair, surrounded by coffee beans+milk+coffee powder+frappucino premix+ice+Starbucks mugs+chocolate syrup+caramel+cheesecakes+sandwiches+panini breads+Bearistas+pastries, jazz songs ringing in my head, feeling rather lewd when I wipe milk off the steamer (it does look like baristas are wanking that thing, if you care to notice), being annoyed by customers who ask for 'cili sos'. Oh... If you ask, I'll be glad to share my most hillarious Starbucks barista story. I think no one can beat it by far. Ok la... Need to zoom back to BHR mode now. Enough of Starbucks flashback.