Outside These Four Walls

How I long for the days when I had the liberty to say "Screw it" to any work I didn't feel like doing, and say "Fuck you" to anyone who gets into my face. A job is part of growing up, and definitely a part of my life. Please do not misunderstand that I hate my job. I love it to bits. I just miss having time to do the things I oh-so love. Like going for a movie (with student discount!) in the middle of the day with Danny and walk around Midvalley until both of us get bored. Or finish reading an entire book (for free) at Borders and MPH. Have an afternoon nap right after finishing a 2-hour lecture. Take a 2-hour lunch break and talk kok with my friends at UTAR mamak. Yumcha in the middle of the night for few nights in a row. Go for late night movies. Have makan outings with deb deb, Miss World, Jas and Dar.

I really miss the carefree days. I know, I know... I should shaddup and not complain. It's over and done with. But still miss lor :(

But I won't ask to go back in time. Because back then I'd still think it was impossible for me and Mr. Bun to be together. Lol!

My blog is as 'un-happening' as my life right now. Mostly dealing with repeated motions. It's about one and a half months until my trip to Hong Kong. I can't wait to break free of this cycle. It's good. But too long can drive me cuckoo. Actually it's still not that bad la. Since I know a little bit more about the travel industry now, I can plan for more holidays in the future. Surely got cheaper price ler... I don't know when my boyfriend is going to get his passport done. I'm itching to go to Vietnam and want him to go with me. But I haven't spoke about it yet. I've got Langkawi and Bangkok waiting in line. Vietnam should come next. And hopefully not too long later, it's backpacking across Europe. It's in my 'Things to do before I die' list, apart from a gazillion other things. One more thing coming up in September: Bukit Kepong. No, I'm not planning a communist rebellion. It's a significant part of my life which I'm (truthfully speaking) happy about. Let's talk about it when I get back from there, shall we? No point in counting chicks when the eggs aren't hatched. Hint: Think the Ben Stiller movie with Robert de Niro. Don't say I'm so bad never give clue ah.

I'm gonna be so bored this weekend. The boyfriend's gonna be away. I wanna watch Shrek 3 before he leaves. I think Paris Hilton's gonna be released from jail today or tomorrow right? Let the world rejoice for the freedom of the socialite!! As if the world is going to be saved from violence and global warming when she's released. I was watching E! the other day and the slut told Ryan Seacrest that she's gonna help make a difference in the lives of female prisoners. That she's gonna help develop a transitional home to help them get back on their feet after released from jail and not fall into vices again. Let's see... Let's all see.


deb said...

i miss those things too, ash. those were good times, aye? :)

miss you too.

take care and hi to mr bun for me.