This Week

- Suffered from Monday Blues but went ahead with work anyway.
- Mr. Bun went back to his hometown so I'm left all alone in KL, with no one to play.

- Had my department's monthly meeting and suddenly got severe work stress after realising how heavy my workload really is. And how other fuck-ups play a role in adding to my stress by delaying their work and then my work also delay then I kena boss.
-Kena tiu from mom because of my bad temper + lack of manners. Ok lah... Will work hard to change.
- Mr. Bun called to tell that he's bringing home his mom's homemade glutinous rice dumplings for me to eat. Yipee!! And other stories about me which he told his mom (So funny the way his mom interviewed him in detail about his girlfriend. Kakaka)

- Boss not around so can finally work at my own pace. But not really, because fuck-ups like to ask me to do last minute work for them.
- Bought a new pair of Nike sneakers, pokai for the month, at the beginning of the month.
- Determined to go to Mr. Bun's place as many times as possible to work out. Getting fat and sluggish.
- Mr. Bun called to tell that his mom made dumplings without pork lard, especially for me!! Without her knowing the fact that I hate lard in the first place. Wow, this woman telepathic ah? Hmmm... Must be careful of not letting her detect my plans on cheating on her son :p
- Packed my stuff to bring while staying over at Mr. Bun's place.

- Had an okay day at work.
- Mr. Bun dropped by after lunch to pass me dumplings before heading back to his place.
- Had a lovely time eating dumplings with my colleagues at 6pm.
- Came back out to finish up on work and saw 3 missed calls from mom, 3 missed calls and 1 sms from the boyfriend . Couldn't get through mom's line so waited before leaving the office earlier than usual.
- Mom told me that our home had been broken into by a burglar.
- Called Mr. Bun to tell him what happened and to wait for my call.
- Frantically tried to call second brother to check if my valuables are still around. Phew!! Untouched.
- Called mom to ask how things are and to tell I'll call back later.
- Left the office without Mr. Bun picking up my calls to tell him I'm leaving. Extremely bad mood because I didn't know how to react to the whole situation and he's not picking up the phone. Millions of random and unhappy thoughts swirling around in my head. No mood for gym.
- Monorail station fucking packed. Had to wait for the next train while standing next to a smelly immigrant. Couldn't be bothered because I was too caught up in my own thoughts. The boyfriend finally answered after a few dozen phone calls.
- Got picked up from the LRT station and kept silent for 99% of the time during whole ride home. Collapsed onto Mr. Bun's mattresses after putting down my bags and started to cry while holding on tightly to his arms. Confused tears couldn't stop flowing and Mr. Bun patiently consoled me while I wet his mattress (with tears, of course). Didn't dare to complain much to the boyfriend because my troubles were peanuts compared to what he has gone through before (Actually, nothing much la, I was just in a state of confusion. Scared and helluva mad at the same time).
- Called mom after stopped crying. Fucking burglar took away dad's bigass MILO tin looking thing with RM500++ worth of change inside. Broke in by cutting off the lock. Btw, mom was watching TV while telling me this. Niamah... Still got mood wor. Anyway, then I felt much better, especially after all the crying and thank goodness I was with the boyfriend. If not sure traumatic like hell at home and stress level would hit off the roof!
- Free massage ;)

- Work as usual.
- Body aching as usual.
- Missing Mr. Bun.
- Watching 'Ocean's 13' with Kuan Yee tonight.
- Booked tickets to watch 'Men in White' with Mr. Bun on Sunday.
- Hopefully things at home are okay.

- Gonna sleep 'til damn late.
- Then wait for Mr. Bun to pick me up after he finishes work.
- If gym is still open, must go for a work-out.
- No money for a Saturday night drink but feel like having one.

- GYM!!
- Go for movie with Mr. Bun.
- Go home.