Burglary... The Aftermath

How ironic it is to come home to this after watching 'Ocean's 13'. But the fuckers who broke into our home are a humiliation compared to the Ocean gang. I just found out we weren't the only victims. Mei Ping's house was broken into as well, on the same day as ours were. Looks like it was a planned attack on several houses in my area. I tell myself to forget about it. That it's already over. But what if the nightmare comes back? What if the nightmare gets worse the next time? It's so sickening to realize even my own home is not safe anymore. I was wrong about my room being untouched. They went through my parent's and my room. Took my piggy bank with less than RM20, all in 50 cents coins and my Olympus camera. My brother's Lumix was right beside it but they didn't bother taking it along. Other than that, they left my room in a mess and a painful memory for us to keep. I was so disgusted to find my clothes rummaged through. I felt like washing them all, after thinking how those fuckers' filthy hands had touched them. But I took a deep breath, sucked it up and slowly put my room back in order. They even thought I had money in my Pucca-bank but it was solely for display purposes. I realized 'cause Pucca was moved from its original position. Anyway, my heart is still aching and I still can't stop worrying. Can't stop thinking about so many what ifs...

I'm a different person as I was one day ago. My heart just died a little inside. Is there no more security left in humanity?


deb said...

my ashley,

you'll get through this difficult time. time will help. try not to think about it so much, ok?

everything'll be ok.



aichiban said...

humanity was lost centuries ago.

thats why we must be alert at all time and also keep our ass safe.

we got lucky this time, need to make sure there's no next.
need better security.

WQ said...

aiyo, at least nobody was hurt...

becareful and stay alert at all times, please


jess said...

it's so insecure even if u'r staying at home
those fuckers can juz break in n hurt anyone for the sake of money!
they paid visit to my home in april also.damn du lan.

-sze chyi-