Spa Virgin No More

Seems like I got plenty of cherries to pop eh? For those who have been following my blog since my Friendster days... You might remember my entry about losing my concert virginity. Yesterday, I went to a spa and well, lost my spa virginity lah! (Btw, why do I have to make everything sound so lewd?) Got off from work yesterday and I went upstairs for a treatment. I don't give my body enough sleep, so I might as well be nice to myself and indulge in a treatment once in a while (Fyi, it's not entirely my fault that I don't get enough sleep every night. It's Mr. Bun's fault). I must say... The spa was pretty impressive at first look. Not as if it was my first time going there, but last week it was just to ask for pricing and stuff like that. The staff were incredibly professional. Let me paint the picture for you. Usually when you step into any retail outlets or anywhere that has to do with monetary transactions, you'll either be greeted with so much warmth and enthusiasm OR people don't give a fcuk about your existence, am I right? Even for those places that gives so-called professional service, the staff are pretty fake, aren't they? They only greet you once they've clocked in and don't give a shit while they're on lunch break, or toilet break, or whatever. At the spa, I was really surprised that the staff who were walking in and out literally stopped in their tracks to greet me. So polite leh. I mean, there was this moment when I was sitting at the waiting area and was staring into space, admiring the setting and suddenly, a staff stopped in front of me while she was passing through and greeted me. Terkejut I...

Anyhoo, I would love to share my experience in detail but umm... I don't want my blog to be X-rated. Don't get me wrong, there are no "special" services offered (I hope!), but it's just unavoidable to feel sensual in a spa because I was literally stripped down. And there was a pair of stranger's hand touching me all over. I tell you... If a delicious hunk was attending to me, I'd be cheating on Mr. Bun big time! Serious! Without any hesitation. Now I see why Yong's friend got hard while he had a spa treatment. LMAO!! Thankfully I had a very nice lady to attend to me la. So I wasn't exposed to the danger of becoming a slut or pervert or anything like that. And who doesn't get naked in a spa? You tell me la. Best part is always the massage. 'Cause I luurrvvveeee massages. Apart from that, I really liked the milk bath. I was soaking in the milky water and it feels so damn good. Feeling rather XXX in the tub too *wink wink*

Ok lah... Enough with my hamsap nonsense. I think I owe you people an introduction of Mr. Bun. He's my beloved sweet boyfriend. Why do I bestow such a name upon him? It's not much of a big thing really. The name just came accidentally from Jasmine and now it's stuck between me and Deb. Even he doesn't know he's called Mr. Bun. He only knows about "Maybank". And if he reads this, he'll know. And I'm ready for questions. Oh... I don't get to sleep 'cause we're on the phone every night for hours. What else were you thinking of? :p

P/S: Here's the spa I was talking about:


aichiban said...

Dont call Mr Bun as Mr Bun anywhere near the house when Im home.

I might get confuse.

By the way, the pricing?