5 Reasons Why I Blog

Aduhsssss... Kena tag liao. So have to state the 5 least important reasons of why I blog. Here goes...

1) To whine
Who doesn't?

2) To bitch
I do it all the time in real life. So what makes you think I won't do it in cyberspace?

3) To share
Sometimes about certain cool stuff that comes my job and lately, about Mr. Bun...

4) To fully utilize my Streamyx account
Abuthen... You think so syok to pay RM88 every month ah?

5) To prove the idiocracy of some "minister"
I blog, I'm a female, I'm under 25... But I'm employed. And loving it.

Next up! I tag...
1) Deb
2) Darshini
3) Jasmine
4) Danny
5) Amy