Got me twisted

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. That is the perfect way to illustrate my feelings right now. It's difficult to describe it, but I guess I'm like a little girl lost in a candy store. Gasping at how amazing and beautiful the world is... Then I stopped at one big and sexy candy, which I wanted real badly. The more I look at it and think of how yummy it would taste, the more badly I want to have it. And before I knew it, someone came and snatched it away from me. Yup, that's kinda like how I'm feeling at the moment. Today is supposed to be perfect. A day off from work to go see Chester Bennington, and come home feeling like I'm in heaven. But noooooooo... All this has to be taken away from me. I'm filled with an unmeasureable amount of rage, hatred and jealousy. I mean, if it were some random people who got the chance to meet Chester up close, I wouldn't mind. But she was so selfish to keep it to herself. Worst, she wasn't even a fan of Chester in the first place!! How bithcy can she get? Saying sorry doesn't get you anywhere, my dear. Can you shove your anger down your throat if I got to snuggle up to Mike Shinoda and you couldn't? I'm so turned off by the whole situation that I can't even stay for the event. Left the miserable place and had lunch with Mr. Bun. He made me smile for a while. But when I got off at the train station and was left alone again, a shield of self-pityness wrapped tightly around me once again. I was clinging on to whatever strength I had to stop myself from breaking down. Now I know how bad it feels to not get what I want. Want so badly... Whatever la. I'm gonna need at least a few days to get this out of my system. At least I get to know another person's real face today. I still love Chester, even more now that he's shown me who's worth being my friend, and who's not. Now I'm gonna have to cross my fingers and pray everyday that Linkin Park's having a concert in Malaysia again.


Amy said...

I know it's hard- but just forget about it and move on. It's useless to be angry over the's not like she's gonna swap places with you. Calm down and it will all go away faster.