Creepy crawlies

Or I would rather call them eight-legged freaks. I'm not much of a spider-phobe person. But now I understand why Fear Factor contestants become such wimps and pussies when they're surrounded by spiders. I had more than a few dozen above my head just now. Few dozen ah... Not only a few okay? Where? At the bus stop in front of Serdang KTM station. There's a whole army of them on the roof. I'm still having goosebumps. It's that freaking disgusting. They don't look like those domestic, small, black-coloured ones. They're a bit bigger, kinda like hazelnut-sized, brown-coloured spideys. I know la... Hazelnuts come in all sizes and shapes, but just try to think of the more generic ones can? Some more got holes on their backs. Geli like fuck! Argh!! I can't go on blogging about them spiders. I'm totally grossed out.


aichiban said...

u sure you dont wanna know about those holes on their back?