Dear Mr. Tony Fernandes,

By now the whole of Malaysia (and most part of the world) knows how a great entrepreneur you are. Few years ago, I bet you didn't have your name in Wikipedia. And now, everyone wants to have a piece of you. While I know you're a genuinely nice man, I'd get tired of repeating the story of how I managed to build AirAsia into such a phenomenon it is today, if I were you. But of course, I'd still do it because can show off ma. But I know you weren't doing so when I had the opportunity to interview you. It's such a waste my story never made it to the non-existent "The U". It's a heartache, but I still love the fact that I had the opportunity to sit inside your old office back in KLIA, before LCCT was built. Man, the room was not an inch of what I'd expect of an office of a CEO to be like. I don't live in a mansion, but even my parent's bedroom is bigger than your office. Well, your old office at least. I wouldn't know how big your current office is. Most amazing thing was, we were just a bunch of varsity students still in our diapers, but you were willing to spend your precious time with us. How cool is that? Pretty damn cool. Can show off your guitar skills sumore...

Anyhoo, I'd like to thank you for being such a smart and generous businessman. (I'll get Kelly Clarkson to sing in the background for this part, but I don't have the budget, so let's forget about that.) Because of you, I can now fly to Hong Kong and Bangkok. It means a great deal to me, because I've always loved to travel despite not having the moolah to do so. And I'm not blessed with long legs so I can't be a stewardess. I'm especially happy since I can go to Bangkok. It's not extremely far from Kuala Lumpur, but it's not too easy for me to just fork out the money to go there anytime. But thanks to the free plane tickets that your company gives out, I'm soooooooo going there next year. Can you please continue giving them out so that I can go to Vietnam next? I have a few places which I'd like to visit before I'm wiped out from the face of this planet. Bangkok and Hanoi are two places from the list. Maybe you could explore flying direct to Italy in the not too distant future. I'd like to propose to Gianluigi Buffon. I'll invite you our wedding, I promise!

P/S: Tokyo and Bahamas sound kinda nice too ;)



aichiban said...

I love you too Tony.
So far booked 3 times.
1. Phuket
2. Philiphine
3. Cambodia

Eventhough I couldnt make it for the latter 2 and burn the airport tax n fuel surcharge, I will continue to support you!!!

I will buy drinks and food in flight also.

Gogo Tony.