Concert virgins no more

You read it right. I didn't refer to it as a singular experience. It was a first for the both of us. My boyfriend and I. We've been together for close to two years now, and it's the first time we're doing it. Hell, I was sure he felt as nervous as I was. But he wasn't showing too much of emotions. Guys were never comfortable to talk about what was going on in their heads after all. So I thought I should at least try to talk things over to smooth out the kinks. We had a little chat before we got into the act. We're both very new at this but we shouldn't get nervous anyhow.

"It seemed so easy when you watch other couples do it on TV", I did say that to him.

"Things should come naturally. Wouldn't it?"

I mean, I wanted it to be something special, an experience that is unforgettable and we will both cherish for the rest of our lives together. A precious moment that we could both place in a special spot in our hearts.

I did however, take safety precautions. I am a smart girl, after all.

I mean, who wants their toes stomped flat in a concert? I bought these red and grey flats a day before the show because I didn't have any. They're now like my life savers.

Caught in a slightly congested road before arriving at the stadium. Spotted a couple of differences between both pictures. Can you? Answers shall be revealed at the end of this post.

Concertgoers starting to arrive at Stadium Negara.

Hey Brad Pitt, here I come!

The queue before the organizers let us in. I was thinking there was no way in hell I'd get to be near the stage but once we went in, it wasn't too bad. I was literally standing at stage front.

Before the madness began

Can you fell the heat pumping in the air????

I was so happy I could die when Jason Mraz opened the show with my favourite track. He got me started on a high note.

To answer your question, Mr Mraz, it was me :) I went with my bestest boyfriend because I'm crazee in love with him.

There are higher quality pictures from this concert all over the Internet. My phone camera is hopeless.

What happens when an international artiste comes to perform on our shores and he invites a local performer to be his special guest? All eyes would be on that local person and he/she is expected to give a stellar performance. It's MANDATORY. Or else that person will be condemned as a national criminal for eternity. But I guess it applies to all performers, doesn't it? No matter if you're Malaysian or not, you should be professional and can hit a good note at all times. Penny Tai lacked the pipes to perform this number and it didn't help that she walked on stage to perform just half the song. Being late was typically Malaysian, but nonetheless, unacceptable. It shows a severe lack of professionalism on her, her management and somewhat the organizer. They all play a crucial part in making sure that she preps up backstage and comes out promptly when Jason introduces her. Jason, however did manage to redeem himself when he invited his fans to sing along and even said that it's a blessing if Penny shows up, and if not, we all can sing with him. In fact I think we didn't need Penny at all that night. We were doing well helping Jason get through "Lucky".

A little birdie whispered into my ear and said that the organizer had been downplaying her sucky performance. Apparently she was scheduled to just sing half the song and she wasn't late. Oh my, was it Jason's fault then to introduce her too early before he sang "Lucky"? Or they'd think people are so gullible to take that piece of crap and believe that she really was invited to sing just half a song and then run off stage? Pardon me, but that is just so blah. The organizer did a good job in bringing Jason Mraz over but if it was me, I'd be finding no reason to still protect this unprofessional bitch of a singer.

Taking a bow

Byeeeeeeeee Jason! It was really fun to watch you perform live. I wouldn't have known that you'd have such strong, muscular arms from watching you on TV all these while. And I'd never thought you'd have a tattoo on your right arm that says "beginner" if it weren't for that sleeveless "I [heart] KL" top you wore. Come back soon. I miss you. I've already been playing "Make It Mine" on repeat on the CD player.

And as promised, here's the answer to the Desperate Housewives' "Spot the Difference" quiz...