Pretty scenes in my head

Hey baby, u shld've took off ur shirt and went topless at ur concert. I wldn't hv minded. Thr's 1 tiny bit of problem though. Hw mny more tattoos u wanna hv? Wil u ink my name or my face on ur skin anytime soon? Make sure u lemme noe b4 u do k? I'd totaly freak out if u did it. Hv u been losing weight? Don't lose those arm muscles. u look absolutely sexy wit em. Hold me tite in ur muscular arms tonite. it cud get cold whn d nite cums. looks like ur chest hair might be of sum use after all. xoxo

Someone rescue me from my Jason Mraz obsession please? I've been playing "Make It Mine" over and over again for a whole day at work. The dumb player has no "repeat" function so I've resorted to clicking play again and again each time the song finishes. I need help.

You can mail him to my home address :)