Liar liar, pants on fire

What if your spouse had illicit affairs behind your back? Would you rather not have known about the dirty details or choose to set yourself free with the truth?

I used to think stories of cheating spouses only existed on the television screen, or only really happened to a friend's friend's ex-colleague's neighbour's cousin's friend, someone totally unrelated to myself or someone I'd not have known at all. Now that I'm finally making my way through the adults' world, I'm starting to make friends with other adults too. They may not have noticed, but sometimes when I catch a glimpse of their shadows, I see devil horns on top of their heads. It sends chills down my spine thinking of how ugly their personalities could be like. They make excellent storytellers, not batting a single eyelid while they choreograph their deceitful storylines. While I'm trying to learn the social etiquettes of being an adult, I find many actions of others which I personally couldn't fathom. Hearing stories of these dirty liaisons and the thought of merely being acquainted with the suspects gives me a cramp in my stomach. It feels worse than diarrhoea. Are these simply mistakes people commit along this journey we call life? What happened to commitment and trust? What sort of cheap thrills are they seeking by sneaking around behind their spouse's back? Extra marital affairs are never forgivable, nor will they ever become. It saddens me to watch them commit such betrayal to their loved ones and ultimately, themselves. It's even sadder when they think their dirty tracks are well covered and continually search for excuses to justify their despicable actions.

It will break my heart if my other half runs astray, but my soul will fade away if I were the one to break the trust. Fuck the cheaters. I choose to believe true love never dies. I hope monogamy lives on for those who believe in it. I know I do.