Not quite back on track

I disappeared from the face of the earth for just one week, and look what happened! KLIA got robbed and we all found out that it actually has sucky security (God, how do they manage to win best airport for so many rounds?). Beyonce and Jay-Z had a secret wedding and Asslee Simpson got engaged with Pete Wentz... Do they wait till I'm away to do all these?

I've been home since Monday and I'm only going back to the office tomorrow. I really needed to bum around for a little bit. It's been chaotic at the island. There were more joy than pain but the damage caused by one single mistake was quite severe. I'm not quite worried because it's not my fault or the team's. But it's just so annoying because we have to clean up after someone else's mess. I guess I'll only know what's really gonna happen when I step in tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

If you're wondering what I was up to in Tioman for over a week, me and a few of my colleagues were actually there for a photoshoot. We desperately need new pictures for the resort. And my my... A photoshoot does not come easy at all. Thank goodness for the helpful guys. We were practically running around the place like maniacs. We'll be at whole once we get the new pictures from the photographer. Forget about the diva-esque non-professional model and office politics! We're just glad to have completed our task and came home with great results. We took nonsensical pictures throughout our stay to keep ourselves sane, but I haven't got 'em all yet. Picture post coming up next.

I'm actually illegally surfing the net with my mom's pc right now. Mr. Bun gave me the sad news that my pc cannot be saved. The motherboard was too old and they don't have that kinda model nowadays. The remaining stuff can't support a new motherboard so I gotta change everything, which means it's better off if I bought a new computer. Sucking donkey balls. I tried to hijack my second bro's computer last night but there was no port for the freaking modem cable. How uncool is that?? So I've hijacked my mom's computer momentarily. I gotta ask Mr. Bun to fix up my bro's computer for me 'cause neither myself or my mom can afford a new computer now. So the next time I put up a post, it's either from the office or my newly hijacked old computer.