Constipated people don't give a shit

It's April's Fool day and all I can think of is what a cool publicity and marketing stunt that Cleo has pulled off with Fly FM. Kudos to Lynette and team!! You'll know what I'm talking about if you've been tuning in to the station these past two days. Actually, I've been listening because of the shitload of cash the station's giving out. The money's snowballed to RM9900 this morning! How crazy is that?? Now only if they answered my calls...

I'm not feeling too well lately, and of course, not looking too fine either. My computer's kong-ed and I can't go online at home. Hence the absence in blogging. All because of a brainless prick's fault. But it's okay, it'll get fixed. And I'm gonna make sure he pays for it. I don't even care if we share the same mom. He's not getting away easily.

Hope next week will be less tough. I'll be away to an island. Yay!! Sun, sea and sand. Me loves. But sadly it's for work. Bummer. And last night I decided to really start on a detox fast. I can't take this sickening feeling anymore. It feels so scary to be so sick. Thank god I won't be in the office during the fast. Or else I'm gonna crash and burn like my computer's motherboard. It doesn't feel good for me to envy people who take their health for granted while I'm trying so hard to be healthy and still see no improvement. I'm looking at this new quote of the month on my calendar now and it says "Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive". How I wish I had more of such positive energy. Life now is more like me living to its foolest. The biggest fool on earth.