Snappity snaps 2

1. Cute furry flower with pink ends. I see them at the park that I go running during the weekends.
2. Munching on M&Ms while reading a book = Absolute bliss.
3. Revisiting childhood memories.
4. A kinda new purchase, sequined collar blouse. I've yet to find an occasion to wear it.
5. Red velvet cake for lunch. Other places never seem to top Ben's/Plan B.
6. Pastel coloured macaroons from Butter Tree. Sadly they're only available as made-to-orders now.
7. Bubbly at the office. Yes, miracles do happen sometimes.
8. Right after we got some pretty balloons for our 'couple's shoot'. I look grumpy but it was just the glaring sun.
9. Trying out the new air-conditioned walkway from KLCC to Pavilion KL.