My first surgery

This past week has been such a roller coaster ride. My Mr Bun left for Hong Kong two Sundays ago and that turned my life upside down. He'll be away for work for at least three months and during the whole time before he left, I thought three months was going to zoom past us and before we know it, he'll be back home with me. Little did I know that I started to crumble as soon as I turned my back at the departure gate, walking alone back to the car and driving back to the city with tears in my eyes. It was hard for him too, with this being his sophomore trip out of the country and first one without me. Now I know I was wrong when I said, "It's only three months, not three years". Because it definitely feels like I have to wait for years right now.

Things took for a more challenging turn when I had pains in my lower abdomen just days before the departure to Hong Kong. So I got myself a colonoscopy just to have things checked out and never would I guess that the doctors indeed found something, but in another area which I didn't suspect. They found a growth near my right ovary and after further screenings, I had to get admitted to have it removed as soon as possible. Which in my case, was quite immediate. After the surgery, the gynaecologist confirmed it was an endometriosis cyst which thankfully was quite fresh, but considered large in size. From what I remember, it was probably the size of an egg. It baffled him at first why it didn't protude and look visible from the outside because it was considered big and I felt a sharp pain when he examined me. But anyways, it was quite a fresh growth so it hadn't attacked my ovaries yet so that means I should try to get pregnant as soon as I can, while everything seems to be in working condition.

This has also resulted in me being on a month's medical leave and the days seem so long and lonely, especially with my closest companion being away and both of us dealing with long distance relationship for a short period of time. Sure, my mom's around to help me out with things but even she's leaving for her big Canadian and Alaskan holiday this weekend and I'll be left lonely at home. My brothers will be home but not much help there, unless it's something to do with transport or anything related to that. I use the word 'lonely' a lot because usually I like being left alone but I hate being lonely. The hormone medication that I'm on now to suppress the risk of the cyst's regrowth is not helping either. I hate it when my emotions and thoughts are so driven by hormones. It's driving me nuts.

Although this post sounds a lot like a post surgery rant, I felt it was important for me to share this episode of my life here so that other females can take note as well. It's also certainly helpful to be able to let it out because I've been so emotional lately. I didn't want to be one of those attention seekers to be posting updates about my condition on Facebook and then expect an outpour of comments. This is a good space to let off some steam and spread the message at the same time. So girls, go get yourselves a good gynaecologist and frequent check ups. You may think things like period pains are what comes with the package every month, but it could very well be your body trying to warn you about something. I know that now. You wouldn't to wait till it's too late to find out.


Chindiana said...

hey so sorry to hear this . Hope you're recovering better. and dont worry those 3 months will pass fairly quickly.

If you want specially for recovering grumpy young fashionistas i will do one blog post dedicated to you once a week for um.... one week.


oh ya and just for you i'll go get my hair washed and cut by a man with gentle fingers when you get back to the office!

Ashley Liew said...

thanks chindy! about your offer, uhm... i think i'm more keen on checking you out after you make a trip to the man with gentle fingers. i can't believe you prefer those over ahne's torpedo neck twist