Markets @ Jaya One

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit yet another installation of Markets @ Jaya One. I've been wanting to go to this one because I wanted to get my hands on some of the goodies that were being given out. Thank my lucky stars that the freebie booths were already open even though we reached about 30 minutes earlier than the official starting time.

First stop was the Markets booth to redeem a free Topshop tote bag and I headed straight to Tongue in Chic's booth next because I wanted these supercool DIY tote bags... and the Bobbi Brown loose powder that they were giving out.

No hands got dirty in the making of this tote bag. If you've seen my earlier post, you would've guessed which one I went with. I was told that I was the first person of the day to go for Proenza Shoulder. Guess Malaysians didn't really quite get that. The two Ah Lians who queued in front of me didn't know what Can't Clutch This meant but they chose that anyway. And one of them stamped it upside down. Go figure.

Tadaaahhhh!!! Opps, I look as if I have no pants on. Hold on a sec...

Here you go. Much more decent and family-friendly.

Can you believe I went to a shopping event and ended up only buying one of the tags above and three cupcakes? Yes exactly, WTF?!

By the way, they only look good. They were more like muffins than cupcakes. Meh.