Snappity snaps 1

1. New headbands <3
2. Celebrating Winter Solstice at home with family
3. One of my attempts at self-praising - bought this cheeky tee for my hubby
4 & 5. Saying goodbye to my work desk and office as I leave for a new job come 2012
6. A snowflake on Christmas eve
7. Faux plant pup - totally adorbs and just what I need!
8. Korean BBQ dinner on Christmas eve
9. Beef tenderloin sizzling on the grill


edwin said...

Gosh, i think you've outblogged us all!! But good to see your ponderings, haha.. Have a blast of a new year and may the new job be another leap on your springboard to a fulfilling career!!

Ashley Liew said...

Haha, thanks Edwin. I don't have as much ponderings anymore but I do try ;) Have a great 2012 too!