Brunch at Hin Kee HK Dim Sum

Mr Bun and I made our way to SS2 this morning for my spine treatment and we had planned to have brunch at his favourite mixed rice stall at Wai Sek Kai, alas, it was not open. So we had to look for an alternative, and I spotted a new dim sum place right opposite. We weren't armed with high expectations as most dim sum places serve substandard frozen dim sum, but we were proven wrong as each of our orders came to the table. The food was absolutely fresh and made in good sizes as well. Price wasn't too steep and I felt it was worth every penny. To make it simple for you to know how good the dim sum here are, I'd say I might marry the chef if I was single and available, and if he lost some weight. I'd definitely be coming back. The restaurant is open every day from 8.30am till 12am, and is located at the same row as Kei Tak Sik.