A trip to meet the king

Yesterday we took a drive to Raub, Pahang to one of Mr Bun's colleague's hometown. The guy's family owns an orchard so we were treated to a durian feast. We had the opportunity to sample one of the most popular and expensive species, the Musang King. There were only a few, as they were mostly kept for the selling market. The rest of the durian weren't bad - they were either of the D24 or D101 species.

Scenic drive into the villages of Raub.

What we came for... after driving for more than three hours.

Cracking open the prickly shell to reveal its tender flesh.

Nomming on some Musang King.

Here's a photo of Mr Bun looking a lot like Crayon Shin Chan :p

Took a look at the bunch of bananas lying around and thought I would never eat that much even in a year.

After all that durian, we made a stop at Bukit Tinggi for some sightseeing. I know this place well from my previous job, but some of Mr Bun's colleagues have never been here so we decided to come along. I must say, the place looks more decent now that the incompetent dog walker has left (insider's language).

Medieval warrior greeted our arrival.

Stupid goose that kept bopping its head up and down, not letting me take a photo.

Fat fishies.

Wish I'd have more time to take off on short holidays. Right now I miss being at a beach :(