Travel to the future

I don't want to miss out on the annual list-making but I have absolutely no clue of what I'm looking forward to achieve next year... although I really do have to work harder on controlling my bad temper. I tried looking back at what I've achieved so far in 2010, but too much of it was a blur so I'm not going to strain my brain to think hard about it.

However, I do know clearly that someday I would like to travel to a few amazing places. It doesn't have to be within 2011, it's not as if I'm rich enough to travel frequently anyways, but it will have to be within my lifetime.

I would love to spend time visiting Tokyo and Hokkaido. It might sound really silly that I'm nowhere near to visiting Japan at this point but I'm already stuck between having to choose which place to go first. I'd like get lost in the exciting pace of Tokyo before chilling out maximum in Hokkaido, stuffing myself with some of the best quality seafood in the world. One problem, it's going to be hard lugging all the shopping haul from Tokyo to Hokkaido but at the same time, I don't want to chill out in Hokkaido first and then jump into a frenzy in Tokyo. The voice of reason in me is yelling out that I'll have to let that one pass and decide when I actually get to go to Japan.

Working in an international school with many different nationalities around me does have its side effects. I'm intrigued to go visit some of the the places where all these people come from and one of it is New Zealand. My boss is from New Zealand and recently one of my best friends has travelled to New Zealand for a working trip. There are a couple of old friends who were married off to New Zealand and I would like to pay a visit someday.

Greece was just another rich man's playground to me until I watched Mamma Mia the movie. It may still be a rich man's playground but I'd like to disguise into that crowd and bask in the beautiful country and culture :D

I blame Mamma Mia for making me lust for the beaches of Greece and now I point my finger at MTV's now-cancelled show, TRL for making me feel like I should be a part of the fast and furious crowd in New York City. A small part of the blame goes to Deb and Alicia Keys too. I'll have to wait till I have friends who live in the US before I jet off. The thing is, so many people are so eager to travel to the US for innocent reasons but the US government is making it so damn difficult. I don't see myself welcomed as a Malaysian passport holder so I'll have to think really hard about travelling to the US. Not to mention NYC is infested with bed bugs. This will have to wait for a while.


Chindiana said...

the good thing is AirAsia is starting up flights to japan and new zealand so you're all set to go!