Shibuhara Girls

MTV has just launched a new "reality show" that is based in Japan, and it's called 'Shibuhara Girls'. People are saying this is the Japanese version of 'The Hills' and I sorta agree, although I never watched 'The Hills' (but I do know what the show was about). I watched the premiere episode and found out what Shibuhara meant. I'm not that great about Japanese culture but I've always found it intriguing. I have a feeling that I'll be watching all 12 episodes just to get a dose of the Japanese culture. I will visit Japan someday (fingers crossed!), so these might come in handy :D Oh, in case you're a nut like me, Shibuhara = Shibuya + Harajuku. The show revolves around the lives of four leading girls; Sun Wei, Marie, Kozue and Shion.

Here are some facts I found on the Internet:

Kozue Akimoto
Kozue Akimoto is a fashion model who has already achieved a great deal of success since stepping onto the scene back in 2009. Of course, she’s also known for another reason, as the daughter of Chiyonofuji, who is perhaps one of the most successful sumo wrestlers of modern times. She faces the pressure of stepping out from under her father’s shadow.

Marie Ishikawa
Marie is a 22 year old native of Tokyo who is on the verge of breaking into the pop scene. She’s released a few songs but has big hopes riding on the debut album she’s currently putting together.

Shion Miyawaki
Shion Miyawaki is probably best known for her single BOY, but since her early success she’s seen her stardom fall. Originally from Nagasaki, she’s lived in Tokyo since her teenage years and currently faces the pressures of choosing between her declining career and her boyfriend.

Sun Wei
Sun Wei was born in China, but raised in Japan. She’s a successful model for the magazine Pop Sister, which has already exposed her to a giant audience. She’s also an internet hit with a very popular blog and over 8,000 followers on her Twitter account. However, despite her legion of growing fans, Sun Wei is still single and looking.

Although I don't understand Japanese, I can easily watch the show because of the subtitles. What keeps my eyes glued to the TV screen is the fact that the girls are super stylish and pretty. My favourites are the models, Sun Wei and Kozue. It's too early to tell who is THE favourite but I have a feeling it's going to be Sun Wei. Because she's Chinese and I thought it was really interesting to watch a Chinese who is so Japanese. You know, given the history between two countries.

It's also interesting to watch the possible rivalry between Marie and Shion, who are both managed by the same company. Record labels in Japan operate in a very distinct manner and it would be great to get a better look into how artistes are managed through this show. But it seems Marie is leading the race as the show's title song is sung by her. Poor Shion just can't catch a break.

Here's a teaser and hopefully you will be piqued to watch the show too.

p/s: Dammit if I get addicted and the show ends after just 12 episodes, what am I going to do? Will MTV launch Season 2 for the show? Ughhh


the engravings said...

how did you watch it? please let me know, I wanna watch this so badly! Thanks!

Ashley Liew said...

i watched it the legit way - on telly. mtv asia on astro (malaysia) is showing shibuhara girls. hope that helps

Ora_Adzlin said...

i love to watch this on mtv !! :)