A Wishful Valley

A close friend of mine has just introduced me to her latest venture, an online shop which is more than just an average blogshop. She built the website on a foundation of love for design and fashion, creating a hub for design lovers, fashionistas, trendsetters and creative minds. She is a very talented Art Director and it's not surprising that the items she brought in are very extremely chic and unique. Her website is www.wishvalley.blogspot.com.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I'd make it convenient for those who have yet to shop for their loved ones and themselves by making this list from the items that I've been drooling over from www.wishvalley.blogspot.com.

'Tis the season to pamper yourself

Capture attention at any Christmas party with a shiny statement necklace.

Gorgeous Christmas party dress with a classy amount of sparkles. Check out the sexy back!

What a gorgeous clutch to keep all your belongings while you mingle around during a Christmas party!

I personally am in love with the zebra-print clutch. I heard from my friend that she has this in severely limited quantity. Oh snap! Better hurry to get me hands on them before it's too late.

This ring will bring some Christmas cheer to my dainty fingers

Bring some bling to accessorise your hair, which you might spend hours on before you head out to a Christmas party.

Spoil your loved ones

So iPhone4 is all the rage right now. If you know someone who owns an iPhone4, why not get them this Christmas-appropriate casing?

This glow-in-the-dark lightbulb looks so amazing. I personally have not seen it glow in the dark before, so why don't you find out and let me know?

The animal sharperner and hand towels are perfect gifts for young ones and even those who are young at heart. How cute do they look?? There are few other animal options available for both.

I don't wear prescriptions so I don't need these lens cases. But I think they're super adorable as gifts.

Random but worthy to mention

Every 'it' couple should be parading around town carrying these cute bags. I think they're perfect for Valentine's Day though... which actually is not too far away.

This cute skirt has to be my favourite item of the bunch. Don't worry about flashing your lady bits. There's a nude layer underneath :)

I had so much fun browsing through www.wishvalley.blogspot.com. Go check it out and join their Facebook page. I'm sure you'll find something you like.