Lazy friday

The only major task I've achived today was sending over my list of job responsibilities to my boss. I've spent a major part of the day reading and skimming through blogs. The bosses won't be very happy about this when they find out. But it's all part of keeping up-to-date and that's uber important for a Marketing Communications person, no? I should put that into my list so that I can get away with it if I ever get caught in future. Talk about irony.

I have a list of "Top 3 things in my mind right now".

1) I want need an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Saw Miranda Kerr in a really cute piece on Victoria Secret (got sale sommore!) but shipping to this part of the world is a bitch so I'll just try my luck looking around kay el. Bet I'll be forced to settle with a normal yellow two-piece, considering the unimpressive fashion sense most of us here in this city have. Yuck!

2) I want need a super cun gold metal belt. This one that Leng is rocking is pretty much what I'm looking for. Too bad it's from her personal closet :(

3) I hate to admit this but need a good eye cream to erase fine lines (and actually works!). Yes, I've come to that stage. Bleurgh... Part of growing up sucks because we grow old. Should I get that tube from Kiehl's? Or does anyone have any other good recommendations?

It's really quiet here at the office/school. The kids are off for summer hols. Mahem, summer all year long in Malaysia not enough ah? Must take summer break also? How much more cruel can the management be when they create a system where admin staff have to still come back to work as usual when the rest of the school is flying off to various parts of the world. Damn them. They aren't helping much by bragging about the vacations on Facebook.

I miss my boyfriends. Yes, barely 2 months here and I've already indulged myself into relationships with eligible expats. Well, self-proclaimed relationships anyway. But I could never resist. They're cute, single and blonde. One's called Frederick and the other is James. Here's a photo of me with Frederick. I hope his mommy and daddy won't discover my blog and storms into the office to chop off my head. I'm not trying to sell this adorable little piece of chubbiness!!

I have another picture of my with James but it's in my phone and computer at home so I can't post it. This predicament shall not arise again once I've gotten my iMac next month. There'll be Bluetooth on that white piece of erm, machine. Yay!! And camera as well so I might post more camwhoring pics in the future and blog about what I wore on a particular day =) I sound so fashionable out of a sudden. Haha!

We're gonna have a potluck party next week at the office for no particular reason. Prolly to make ourselves feel better since we're mistreated and having to work while the rest are vacay-ing away. But we're celebrating someone's birthday in advance too. Couldn't do it on the actual day on Tuesday since there are people going on a vegetarian fast on Tuesdays. Still pretty awesome to have parties, nonetheless. Especially when you don't actually need a reason to have one.

The clock on the bottom right of my screen says it's time to go home. And that's exactly what I'll do. Especially after sending a long text message to Debs for the names of Victoria Secret stuff I want to buy. They're having a sale!!! If lady luck smiles at both of us, then I'll be able to strike Item 1 off my aforementioned list. And then some. Cya!


aichiban said...

Victoria Secret only cost around RM50 for a good set siot