Fire in the hall

I got all riled up this morning while driving in my car, on my way to the office. The morning deejays from the station which claims to have the best variety had been discussing about females turning 30, because one half of the duo is celebrating her birthday sometime this weekend methinks.

I was particularly interested in this topic because a friend had just recently celebrated her 30th birthday and boy, it was such a milestone for her. I bet it's gonna be a big emotional rollercoaster ride for me too when my time comes. But I'm not gonna spend my time right now thinking about the unevitable. I'm not even halfway there yet.

What got me ticked off was when the deejays called up some local female celebs who obviously had gone through the 30-leap and talked about their experiences - Joanne Kam was just hitting all the wrong notes, let me tell ya.

She threw out a bunch of standard templates, which included statements like "Young girls in their 20s are needy, immature and insecure because they call up their boyfriends 24 times a day just to check up on them", "Women in their 30s are at the peak of their glory and men lurrveee OLDER women", yada yada yada. Stuff to make older women feel good despite their age, ya know?

Firstly, what gives her the bloody right to proclaim on national radio that all young girls are needy and call up their boyfriends 24 times a day? Does she think that just because she THINKS women in their 30s aren't that needy, that just automatically makes younger females needy and desperate?

Secondly, boys love to fuck. Boys who fuck older women probably are just searching for a different taste in their sex life. Same goes for boys who fuck younger women... They probably had been laid by an older woman before and they move on to younger conquests. Variety is the spice of life, eh? So it doesn't matter if guys like to fuck younger or older women. Both sets of women have guys to sleep around with. Just because you are deliriously happy to still get laid after hitting 30, it doesn't mean younger girls don't have guys to please them either.

Thirdly, methinks these people are too fascinated with SATC and all the other cougar-type drama that they think they can score a hot Kirby lookalike, and live happily ever after together forever. It's not like I don't wish for Kirby to fall onto my lap, but come'on lah... Turning 30 doesn't automatically make you a hot cougar and all younger men will bow down to your feet. Some women may have that sorta luck, especially on television, but not all. Not all young girls deserve the men they want too. There's no need to stereotype women in their 20s nor 30s.

This morning did not start on a good note. The old aunty in the office is not helping either. She's the only person who's capable to bring my anger level up to the max here. Even the screaming kids don't manage to shake my mood one bit. I'm just glad it's the end of the week and I'm leaving the office early today. Imma chill...