Back in 2005

Look what I found!!

Omg this picture is so funny. I guess the reason why I looked through my old folders is because I went pass the front entrance of my faculty this afternoon and I found out it's no longer called 'Faculty of Arts & Science'. It's now known as 'Faculty of Creative Industries'. This picture was taken 3 years ago, when I was just 20 years old. Sigh... That sounds bloody far back in time. We were doing an ad campaign for women abuse awareness and I was sacrificed to be the model. Datin Abby did the makeup and everyone thought the bruise was real after they saw this shot. Hahahaha!! I remember it didn't look that realistic in real life. It was just purple, black and grey eyeshadow all mixed up and mashed all over my pretty face. I had it uploaded on my Friendster account back then and I had tons of strangers commenting on this photo. Some said the makeup was very cool and some were just plain curious to find out whether or not I was hit in my face. Such powerful impact it made. But for the life of me, I can't remember if we scored high for this assignment. We probably did. We hit it high most of the time ;p

Oh how I miss study life. I was so young back then. And my body never ached the way it does now even if I never had a wink of sleep for a whole day. Not forgetting I never had to give a damn about splatting my face with makeup. Nowadays I can barely go out without at least touching up my eyebags. Speaking of which, I'd better get my ass to bed now or else I'll look like a zombie tomorrow. Nites!


Datin Abby said...

is all because of my good make up skills loh!! by the way, cant remember whether we scored high mark or not,but i think our radio ads was being "keep" by the lecturer(forgot her name...OMG)...that's the best we had! Remember??

Ashley Liew said...

Oh yeah you're the best!!

I don't remember that part. heck, I don't even remember who the lecturer was :p