Me against the world

I hate my family : My family hates me

I won't be complete without Mr. Bun : He doesn't me interrupting his life

I'm doing well in my job : There are no real friends

I'm living my life : My world is empty

I'm embedded with deep anger towards the world : I have no hope of redeeming myself

I want to be kind and friendly : They think I'm fake

I want to be true to myself : They think I'm not trying hard enough

Let's say if your truly wants to give up on life altogether. Is it a crime? Punishable by law? I've read in the papers today that a girl was prosecuted for an attempt at suicide. I guess I'll have to keep silent if ever I decide to take my own life. Speaking of which... I'm thhhhiiiiissssss (hand showing thumb and index finger getting real close) near to having a nervous breakdown. Don't ask me why. Hopeless people have no answers. I don't intend to search for an answer anymore. I just wanna quit to stop this overbearing pain. I'm tired of being a pain in the ass but I can't stop hurting people around me.