All great things must come to an end

We watch in awe as 2008 slowly takes its final steps and bids us adieu. The curtains are drawn to close but we might just be lucky enough to steal one last look. A final glimpse of what have been done, or perhaps the shining light behind the curtain might inspire us to ponder upon what could have been done better. Personally, I would have a long list of the latter. No procrastination involved... I might have been guilty of that while younger but just some things I wished I had handled better and bad behaviours which might be better not displayed.

This year proved to be wonderful and memorable to me. So many things that I've accomplished and took charge over. I feel proud for being able to conquer some of the demons which have pestered me ever since my mind was still tender and foolish. Now I've grown slightly wiser. But still a fool in many ways.

I see the coming new year as an extension to my journey of gaining more knowledge. Fools are those who never seek to learn, and learning comes in many different ways everyday. I try to see the future in a positive light. Which is quite unlikely of me, for many would know me as a pessimist. For all the things which I failed to master this year, hopefully the challenges will come my way in the future and I'll try to take everything in stride. Perhaps I'll still whine and complain but that's only human. No mountains can be conquered without a pant or two. Even if one works out religiously at the gym without fail ;)

I'll need this positive spirit throughout the coming new year. I can definitely see it being in demand. More personal demons left undiscussed to fight upon and more stones to turn. Hopefully what I can find is more than just moss or dead frogs. I need a freaking magic wand to breeze through without running over any bumps. But then again, what's life without the occasional bruising? That's what our parents used to tell us whenever we fall down and scrape our knee as kids. Kids that don't trip over and fall don't grow up. I feel much less like a kid now and definitely the baggage on my shoulders are getting heavier. I know now I'm an adult. I didn't have this feeling last year.

So I'll keep my fingers crossed and remind myself to try harder. Maybe this time it'll all work out. Nothing seems too bad as long as there's another new year. Happy 2009!