Lost in time

I'm not the only one who's been confused throughout the day. Mr. Weatherman has squirrels building a nest up his pants and got all cuckooed up his ass too. The weather's been scorching hot but it's also raining cats and dogs. It has continued to rain again as I'm typing this entry. Not that I really mind the fucked up weather today since I've not planned to go out but it doesn't help with my emo state of mind. What are you emo-ing about, you may ask. Trust me, I have no idea. Anthony Bourdain is on the telly right now and I don't even have the mood to watch. And you should be told that I love Bourdain to bits. I wish to kidnap him and show him our lovely food in Malaysia. Such disgrace Chef Wan has done the last time Mr. Bourdian touched down on our land. Someone needs to drag Bourdain's ass to the best bak kut teh, asam laksa, curry mee and loads of other porky goodness. That's what good food is all about.

Tomorrow's gonna be a new working week and I'm having mixed emotions about going back into the office. Lately I've proved to some close friends that I love my job and significantly good at it. I'd really love to start spreading my wings and see how far I can go. It's been close to 2 years now since I've said "YES" to this position and I've seen some pretty slick tricks that I've learned. Looking back, I've taken a few steps away from the clueless fresh grad that I used to be but maybe it's still not enough. Which brings to a question: How much is enough? Heck, even Madonna and Guy being married for 8 years isn't long enough to avoid them from the ultimate ending of a Hollywood couple. So who can tell when it will be enough?

Should I start by asking myself what I want? I want to be successful. Forgive me if I can't be specific. I just can't be at this point. Everything's such a blur. I just realized last night that November's coming soon. Damn! Another year passing me by?? Even broccolis don't turn yellow this soon when they're kept in the fridge for months! But tell you what... Sometimes I do ask myself what if I miss out on the best things in life without even realizing it? Like when I hold on to something while something else more worthwhile passes me by. That will just show me just how bad my judgement skills are. I'm not even convinced that I have any judgement skills or whatsoever.

What's gonna happen when time moves too fast? No one can really tell eh? I'd reckon so. Perhaps I should suck it up and move forward with time. Would never get left behind if I moved in pace with time. It's such a tricky little bitch. Or bastard. Depends on however way you wanna look at it. It's asexual anyway. I'm gonna end this with an emo picture of myself. Such work of art, if you ask me.


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