Beginning to a journey of love

I must be such a bimbo for thinking I couldn't post up pictures for our media launch just because my thumb drive was formatted. I forgot the pictures would still be in my memory card -.-" Anyhoo... Bimbo-ness aside, 14 October 2008 will forever be etched as an unforgetable evening as we brought the sun to shine during the day and rawked the night away. The media turnout was fantastic and everyone had a great time. That's what matters most in the end :)

Imagine being whisked away in one of these beautiful classic cars. That's exactly the only thing I could do... Just imagine! Only media friends were chauffeured up to the hills in these babies and boy do I envy them!

Anyone who haven't registered yet? Don't wait any longer... Log on to NOW!!

First stop of the day: Being transferred to the tranquil Japanese Village, where everyone gets to learn about the Japanese tea ceremony and what significant role it plays in Japanese wedding custom. They get to learn about all sorts of wedding customs from all over the world throughout the day. And yes, the person in yellow at the corner is indeed Datin Abby!

A full Japanese tea ceremony would last up to 4 hours, but everyone was just introduced to a super short version of 20 minutes. But that doesn't stop anyone from being spoilt with a pampering massage session. Look at our Datin dozing off enjoying herself.

Paying close attention to the chef's instructions on how to decorate their very own wedding cake.

Doesn't the setup look amazing and dreamy?

We didn't win anything and it's not like it's any of our business but saja-saja wanna sibuk take pictures. Winner's the cute guy in black.

Now that the official launch has come and gone, it's also officially going to be a long journey for us and everyone else before one winning couple will be chosen to win a fully sponsored designer beach wedding at Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort. I'd be tempted to take part if I wasn't automatically defaulted...