I'm beginning to feel fear

Let me share a real life experience. An experience that leaves me fearing for security even when I'm within the four walls of my own home and one that leaves me severely unimpressed with the level of efficiency as displayed by our police force. I didn't exactly walk into my boyfriend jerking off like how the girl did in this ad. Or at least the guy in the ad wasn't really jerking off at all. I'm not sure if it's me, but I seem to have this insane ability to attract ta fei kei sex maniacs wherever I go. And I am talking serious. It may sound funny, but I'm starting to fear my own safety after what just went down. My head is already throbbing in pain from all the unnecessary tension and fear I'm dealing with right now.

I was sitting in front of my computer about an hour ago and for those who don't know, my computer table is in the living room and allows the seater to just turn his/her head to the right and look at the street outside. The house right opposite my home has a lamp post to its left and there was a man standing there. He seemed like he was waiting for someone coming out from that house so I ignored him the first time. What brought me to even notice him in the first place was that he deliberately coughed loudly so that I would turn my head and look at him. A couple of minutes later, I turned around again and realized he had been pleasuring himself and wanted to give me a free show. I called my mom and that's when he darted away.

My mom immediately opened the doors and tried to give chase with a long wooden stick. But she didn't run away alone into the night like that lah! She was telling the Indian family who was living two doors away from my home. That got the aunties and uncles into a heated discussion for a while. Then my mom tried to drive around for a while to look for suspicious freaks, but alas, to no avail.

I locked myself at home while my mom played The Dark Knight and I called 999. The person on the line found it amusing that I called in to report such an indecency and sniggered. He told me to call the operator and ask for the nearest police station's telephone number and he can't help. Fine. So I called the Seri Kembangan police station. So this constabel who answered my call layan-ed me for 30 seconds and when I asked if they could send a patrol car over, he didn't answer my question. He told me that he will report the case. No 'Yes' or 'No' was given. How appaling is the level of security given by our so-called protectors to the rakyat? Perhaps I'm overreacting. Perhaps I shouldn't be too surprised to receive such response in the first place.

Barely a minute after the call ended, he returned my call and told me that my housing area falls under Kajang's authority. This is such a trivial fact because my housing area is no where near to Kajang than it is to Seri Kembangan. Fine. I called the Kajang police station and made the same report. At least this Kajang officer bothered to ask my address and if I still see the maniac around. I told him that the maniac had already ran away. He did mention that they'll send someone over but I've yet to see a patrol car until now. It's been more than an hour since I placed a call to the police station. The maniac is surely hiding somewhere safe and far by now.

So this leaves us to one question: Are we left to protect ourselves in fear and no help can come for rescue? It must be such a pleasure to see our tax money go down the drain along with the smelly garbage which clogs it. I don't know what to do. The world is so fearful right now I could go crazy just thinking about what could happen in worst times. Perhaps my story could make Kamunting detainees feel better about themselves. At least they're much safer in there. No rapists, snatch thieves and burglars after their asses everyday.


Heather said...

I found your blog through the template of this and wondered if you could help me figure mine out as it looks like you have. I can't get the friends and links to work correctly. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Ashley Liew said...

Hi Heather!

Looks like we're blog twins :) I need you to tell me what's the problem though. Cos I'm not really good at this either but I managed to get mine right through trial and error. But I'll try to help as much as I can