It's getting hot in here

I've finally gotten rid of the one thing that was sucking the life out of me. That thing, let me tell you, can make you feel like Gollum wearing the Ring. You'll feel invincible, as if you possess the power to shop every single thing in the world. That thing, my friends, is a bloody piece of plastic embedded with a memory chip and it's called a credit card. Thank goodness I didn't go "My precioussssssssssssssssss" when I cut it into pieces and dunk my hand into the garbage bin like how Gollum leapt into the burning lava. Actually I already got it cancelled about a month ago, but it was just today that I got down to destroying this parasite. It brought me lots of joy when I could purchase movie tickets, book for airplane tickets and hotel rooms online, but it also made me blind for a while for spending money that I didn't have. My friends, this is my advice for you. Be really sure and disciplined if you're gonna have a credit card, alright? It's not gonna be a pretty sight if you overspend. Don't say I didn't warn you.

What's left of the friggin' piece of plastic that nearly took away my life (and savings!)

On a totally unrelated matter... This was how I spent my weekend.

JUICE 6th Anniversary Party

Bad quality photo, but anyways we were camwhoring at the office before leaving to the party.

On the way to Poppy Garden on a Friday night. Woohoo!!!

Matchy matchy dress colour and handphone fur ball

Trying to fish for endorsement deals

Joey G!!! Andrea called him G Zai -.-" Sounds so wrong...

One Buck Short performing. They rocked the party!!

In case you're wondering... The theme of the party was stars & stripes. I forgot my starry earrings so Sophia had to draw a star on my chest for me to fit into the whole theme. Lol! Though we had a pretty good time at the party, it wasn't at all good when we arrived. I was faced with one of the devils from my past. Haih... I don't even have the mood to talk about it. All I can say is I gotta be more cautious from now on.

Saturday Night Drunkness

Part II celebration of Kuan Yin festival (lol... inside joke) was everything what the real Goddess of Mercy would disapprove. Alcohol, meat and the only thing missing was beef -.-"

It's empty...

Whatchiu looking at?

I'd better stick to sexy poses