No service tax at most restaurants

PETALING JAYA: Restaurants earning less than RM3mil annually and are not operating from hotels no longer need to charge their customers 5% service tax.

This followed a Government’s decision which took effect on July 1. The decision was made in view of the fuel and food price increase.

Customs deputy director-general (operations) Datuk Mohamed Khalid Yusuf said the move would deprive the Government of RM200mil in revenue.

He said during a press conference here yesterday that restaurant operators should drop by at Customs offices to apply for the revocation of their service tax licences.

He said there were 4,457 restaurants which earned less than RM3mil and the new decision would exempt 93% of them from the need to collect service tax. – Bernama



Picture this:

**After a meal at a restaurant**

Customer walks up to cashier to pay and given a receipt. 5% service tax still charged.

Customer: Eh boss, you earn less that 3 million yearly ah?

Boss: Yea lah. Abuthen?

C: How can you prove? I don't need to pay this extra 5% if you earn more than 3 million ok?

B: Prove what prove?

C: niamaccbbbq$^**&%^#((&**^kfg247&%^$87jfhsfheero;q.

B: knnccbZ7&djfge%&^$%&(jbgwshdg6&%VDH7%^&%

Catfight ensues...

Seriously, how much longer can we put up with this crappy government we have?