Goodbye civilization

When one goes away for a work trip, things at the office pile up while the dust settles in awaiting for the employee stationed at the particular cubicle to return. In my case, I've got 3 weeks worth of dust and headache work waiting for me when I come back in August. It's not even gonna be far from KL, where I'm going. It's just 45 minutes away. But yes... It's gonna take us 3 stinkin' weeks. It's gonna stink, literally. Going off to where, you may wonder. Let me just tell you it's where I can travel to France and Japan in 24 hours, while still being stuck in beloved Malaysia. Don't be surprised if you suddenly realize I'm temporarily wiped off from the surface of cyberspace.



deb said...

have fun in Bkt Tinggi, Ash! :) happy working!