I hate Mondays

I never used to understand what 'Monday Blues' meant. Monday used to be just another day. Or another hari Isnin, or 星期一. Now I hate it like nobody's business. It's not really Monday's fault. It's just that no sane person would look forward to another five long days in the office after a nice weekend. And my weekends are very nice, mind you. That's because I have Mr. Bun around. And it's not really torturing to have a five-day week in the office either. Time flies. Seems like just yesterday that I was still rotting in the miserable corridors of UTAR. Look where I am now. On my way to corporate biatchness. So... Can I really say I hate Mondays? Yes, I do hate 'em pretty much. I wish I could just show my middle finger to everyone who pissed me off today and tell them to screw off and leave me alone. To get out of my face. And I wish I could tell Mr. Bun sometimes that I hate him. Hate him for spoiling me. Yes, he does that a lot. I'm starting to get clingy. Gosh... That's the last thing on earth that I wanna do. Must.Not.Get.Clingy. But don't stop showering me with the attention that I crave. I'm the Queen Bee, and people should worship me. What am I yammering about here?

And last weekend was the WEEKEND!! I learnt how to driveeee! Can you believe it? Yesssss... I drove. For a good half an hour. Basically just going round and round my housing area. Mr. Bun was my instructor. No mishaps happened, except for the slight physical contact between Mr. Bun's 'Little Blackie' (小黑) and a Mercedez. Not even a scratch, but we didn't dare to go past it again and quickly cabut lari. It's not really hard to drive an automatic, I just need to get used to controlling the car and learn how to pay attention to the front, sides and back. Phew... It's not that easy either. Few more lessons and then I can graduate to the real roads. Only half an hour for the first tutorial already made me tired. Mentally, mostly. So if you happen to see me on the road soon, be careful. I'm new. You'll only risk to hurt yourself if you try to instigate any fear from me while I'm driving. Stay away!

Can't wait until the next week comes. Mr. Bun is moving to a new place and I'm gonna help being his maid for a day. But sans the French maid costume though :p If my mom finds out, she's surely gonna think that her daughter's an ass 'cause the daughter hardly helps around with the housework, but now is gonna help the boyfriend clean up. My excuse theory is, I must make the boyfriend think I can make a good housewife one day and trick him into at least think of marrying me. When he starts making plans, it's all gonna be too late and he'd have no choice but too really marry me by then. Muahahahahahaha... Am I such a genius or what?Females are not only smarter and cooler than males are, we're evilly incredible too.

Enough of nonsense. Gotta clock in to meet Mr. Chow. Hope Tuesdays are more bearable.

Puzzle of the day: T_ _ _ _ _ _ M_ _ & G_ _ _ _ T_ _.
It's endearing to see how these two simple things can make him so happy.


aichiban said...

You dont only avoid female drivers coz they are new.