Bored at work

Can I just say... Thank God I can blog from work today!! I'm not sure how and why, but I'm just bloodyhell glad that I can access my blogspot account from my miserable PC at the office. I'm still overjoyed even if there's no reason given. Today is such a crappy day. I'm hit by the weekend bug. Absofuckingly no mood to work, but of course I'll manage well despite my escalated procrastinatory feeling. If I don't, things are gonna get worse than being skinned alive by my boss. It's not the punishment that sucks, it's the guilt that I'll feel. In short, it's been a crappy week. I hated Monday, and although I have nothing against Friday, I can't wait for today to be over and done with. I'm gonna be charging up my batteries tomorrow before an extra long weekend with Mr. Bun ^_^ I love day offs. I love having 18 days of annual leave. But sure as hell I'm gonna die from the heavy workload after I get back from my leave next week -.-"

So to keep procrastinating my self from dying of utter boredom-ness and hatred for work, I've worked on a list of the yummy guys which I've always dreamt of shagging and were my pets.

Brian Littrell
I used to write "I [heart] B-Rok" on my palm all the time during secondary school because Brian's nickname was 'B-Rok'.

Justin Timberlake
I loved him when he was in 'N SYNC, and I still do now. Although I must admit, I did like him better in the early days. Yala, he's much hotter now. But there was something so sweet in his early innocence which he already lost. Maybe it's Britney's fault...

JC Chasez
Perez Hilton said he's gay. So he may be, but so what? I love JC!!

Darren Hayes
I was devastated when Savage Garden came to KL and I was underaged at the time :( But nevermind la. Darren's gay and married anyway. Wish him all the best lo...

Daniel Jones
Natalie Imbruglia... She's one lucky bitch.

Marty Casey
I never watched Rock Star INXS but I downloaded the entire show after I saw Marty perform. He made me understand and love the song, 'Wish You Were Here', originally done by Pink Flyod (unlike some rock star wannabe ex-boyfriend who once said both of us are like the song. wtf?).

Daniel Wu
Need I say more? Seriously, need I fucking say more???

Nicolas Cage
Yes, old enough to be my dad but I'd still like to get laid by Nicolas *puppy eyes* Please?

Brandon Flowers
Two words: Femininishly sexy

Joey G
The only person I've managed to meet in person so far. Half-Malay and married to a Malay but I still don't care!

Chester Bennington
Supposed to meet Chester but some groupie bitch stole it from me. Or did I give it to her? I feel like I gave it to her. C***.

Bert McCracken
Who knew I'd have a thing for a smelly drug-addict?

Hugh Jackman
That face... That chest... Those muscles... That grin he always has... *swoon*

Orlando Bloom
Cutie cutey cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!!

Somehow I know I'm able to come up with a longer list. But for some reason, I can't go further. Maybe it's the dead brain cells. Or maybe I fell out of love for some of my lou gongs. Yup, I'm actually embarassed that once upon a time, I actually like feng tau ah bengs like Nicolas Tse, Stephen Fung and (here comes the worst!) Vic Zhou from F4. Vic Zhou is not feng tau, just a sissy *trembles*

Random: Just got this in my office mailbox. OMFG. I'm so tempted to go. But I don't think I can afford it :(

Cordially invites you to our
On exclusive ready-to-wear, shoes
and accessories for women.
26th MAY 2007
11.00am – 6.00pm
The Attic
61-2 Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Enjoy a lovely afternoon tea at this wonderful while you shop.
Special discounts up to 20% on food & beverage for invited guests

Why am I not a filthy rich spoilt brat? Why? Why? Why???????