Don't eat here

Seriously. You gotta believe what I'm telling you. Service's bad, and the food sucks. Mango tong yuen... What mango tong yuen? It's only available after certain hours (I couldn't catch what time the waiter said 'cause he was mumbling), and they didn't even state it on the menu! They took forever to suggest to me to cancel my steamed fishball after me complaining asking three times. The people who work at this place can't read 'cause they brought two cups for the Chinese tea we ordered, despite us writing 4. They even keyed in 2 in the receipt. So in a nutshell, this place is totally BLAH!! No food shots 'cause it all just sucks soooo bad.

P/S: Don't get fooled by this: Because I was. Be thankful I warned you.