Our Wedding

My last post was about how I was coping with a lot of things going on a few months ago - work, house renovations, packing+moving+unpacking, wedding preparations and just life in general. I know I've said that I will blog about our wedding as soon as I got photos back from the photographer but I didn't do it straight away because I can get away with procrastinating since I don't have a gazillion blog followers :p

Our wedding was back in June. We had the Chinese tea ceremony in the daytime and a wedding dinner reception at the town nearest to Mr Bun's hometown. If we had it our way, well maybe my way, we might have had another dinner reception at KL since I'm from here and Mr Bun's been based here for some years now. But we decided against it after all, because we were financially tight while putting our house together at the same time as planning for our wedding. It's not worth it to get even more tangled in a financial mess just so we could have fun with friends and acquaintances for one more night. The ones who care enough to share this big milestone of ours shall travel a 5-hour return journey just to share a toast with us. Muahahaha...

Most of the preparations for our wedding were DIY. We also skipped out on the cheesy wedding bits like prewedding photography. I absolutely can't get over the fact that people willingly get ripped off by bridal houses to take photos in cheesy poses, get a bunch of framed oversized photos which end up gathering dust and live happily with the fact that these photos have such ridiculous powdery-face effect. But I do like it when once in a while I see friends who have tasteful prewedding photos. It's such a breath of fresh air. I did my own hair and makeup, with assistance from Mr Bun for curling my hair for my evening look. I got two bunches of tulips from my usual florist in Pudu and put together my own bridal bouquet. There was no way I could get a decent bouquet for less than RM200, and it could be even more expensive had I requested for tulips. So I took it into my own hands and it ended up less than RM100. Made cute bowties for the groomsmen to go with my bridesmaids' mint green dress theme since I couldn't find anything that I wanted from the shops. I stayed away from pink dresses because it would be too obvious for me to choose pink for the bridesmaids' dresses. The games for the boys were all set by me too. I'm such a control freak that I have to lay it all out myself but obviously the girls had to execute the plan for me. I'm not a fan of disgusting or distasteful games so the games were quite tame. Mostly aimed towards the groom but it's up to the girls to make it difficult for the rest of the boys. I'm glad they all had fun because most of us are friends from our uni days. The best part was when I whipped out old videos from back in the day for Mr Bun to re-enact as part of the games.

Since we were on what people would call a simple direction (compared to a standard Chinese wedding), it was almost drama-free. The most dramatic moment was when my family acted like typical KL-ites, arriving late and we could only do our walk-in to the restaurant and start after they had arrived. Wedding dinners in small towns are usually quite on time, not exceeding 30 minutes from the time you have printed on the invitation. It's quite un-Malaysian-like.

Mr Bun and I were like deers in the headlight while we were on stage, not giving a proper thank-you speech to everyone who deserved it. But I hope everyone knows how much we truly appreciate their help; big, small or anything in between. I think if we had a chance to change one thing from our wedding, I would re-do my thank-you speech. Everything else was a dream, despite some teeny tiny hiccups along the way. Enough talk, time for photos!!