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Remember when I had surgery a year ago to remove a cyst? Immediately after that, my gynae had put me on an induced menopause so that my body has enough time to heal and rest post surgery. His concern was that my regular menstruation might trigger a regrowth and it would be such bad news to have me sliced up again so soon after my first surgery.

It was quite a roller coaster ride during my induced menopause. I mean, I'm only in my mid 20's and I'm already getting first hand experience on what my mom would be going through. The benefits that I enjoyed were to quit buying sanitary pads, clear skin and not having to worry about a regrowth for at least one year. Bet my husband wouldn't agree that it was a walk in the park, because he was bearing the brunt, or rather, wrath of my uncontrollable emotional meltdowns. They were powerful, uncontrollable and constant, believe me. I no longer question the ability of a middle-aged woman to control her emotions because I've been through it. 

The effects from the injection stayed in my body for about as long as my gynae had predicted. He did say that some of his patients had gone back to their normal period cycle quicker than he had expected. So my uterus went to sleep for about a year and got back up to its normal working condition at the month right after my wedding. Talk about good timing. I'm glad it came back only after the wedding because I didn't have to worry about WHAT IF MY PERIOD CAME WHILE I WAS WEARING THE MOST IMPORTANT WHITE DRESS OF MY LIFE?? The worst thing that happened was my face went into this crazy breakout phase ever since my period came back. So after experiencing an early menopause, I'm now reliving puberty all over again.

I didn't change my skincare routine too much because I was using the same products from before. I've been eating so much more healthier than I already had been and my skin's still going crazy. I've been asked to go for facials more regularly to see if it helps.

It's pure havoc on my forehead and nose. I tried to look up some references online and most diagrams tell me that the area between the eyebrows is related to my liver and the nose is related to my heart. I really don't know what to make out of that. I've been struggling with indigestion and constipation since I was really young and have been taking steps to manage that. So can someone please tell me how I can help my buddies, namely the liver and heart? Note that my eye circles are so dark - that is also from childhood and should be due to my sinus. Blocked nose and mucus are my best friends ever since I can remember.

One of my friends have been updating on Facebook about this liver cleanse that she did. Basically you go on a detox and expel liver and gallstones that are trapped in those organs. I followed her lead and did a liver cleanse two weeks ago and although it was really difficult, I'm glad I did it for my body. Take a look:

Scary stuff, eh? These are mostly gallstones that are pushed out of the gallbladder. Although this detox is called a liver cleanse, liver stones aren't that common. The analysis of my stones indicate that I'm a typical modern human being, as it is green, but also with the likelihood of my liver not being able to process fat and cholesterol. It might explain why I have oily scalp and excess sebum on my face, but my pimples are still here so it could take a few more cleanses before I can blame it on my liver. I was quite gung-ho about wanting to do a few cleanses before I started the detox, but I think I'm going to stick to once every six months (as advised by my nutritionist) because it is quite challenging. I've had to really watch what I eat during the weeks leading to my detox. I only had natural yoghurt with fresh fruits and organic nuts for lunch two weeks prior and have replaced whatever I can into organic products. The reason for being so tired doing this detox was because I had to go clean my colon before and after. It's a fairly easy and quick process but it does make me feel tired because, guess what, I have constipation. But if it's something that will help ease the liver cleanse, then I will have to do it. The liver cleanse only takes a day but the stuff that you need to take can really test your gag reflex. Try to imagine chugging a glass of pure lemon juice mixed with olive oil. Yeah, it wasn't easy for me actually doing it. It was also tiring for me when it came to the time when you're supposed to 'output' the stones because again, I have constipation. But it's good results because my friend who did her liver cleanses told me that I have more stones pushed out than her. Yay?

I've also cut out a lot of processed food. I have homemade bread every morning, made with ingredients that I get from the organic shops. I'm not one to preach about going all out on organic living but I guess replacing whatever we can could go a long way. I've also been really good about eating free range chickens and eggs. The hormones that we put in chickens just goes back into my body and screws it all up.

I'm not sure what else I can do to help improve my skin problems but I guess I'll have to just keep doing what I do, or else it could be much worse. 


aichiban said...

Got quite a lot of debates on this gallbladder stone removal thingy.

Ashley Liew said...

Doesn't matter. It's an alternative therapy and people can choose whether to subscribe to it or not. I didn't see major immediate results and don't intend to overdo it. Just trying to give my body some balance by cleansing it from the crap I put in.