Que sera sera

When I was just a little girl, I never asked my mother what will I be. I never paid attention to whether I'll be pretty, if I'll be rich and she never said anything to me. 

But as I hit puberty, I started wondering why my mother still wouldn't invest in proper teenage skincare products for me while I envy other girls who at that time seemed to have smoother faces than I did. Despite not being the rose that every bee would buzz around at school, I was going about fine and enjoyed my carefree days as a teenager. I successfully transitioned from a child to an emotional teenager.

Then came the proper growing up phase as I marched into my 20s. The responsibilities of becoming an adult seemed all too real just a few years ago and thankfully I turned out to be a responsible adult. Sometimes maybe a tad too responsible (translation: boring!!). It sure wasn't easy moving on to becoming an adult. Right now it seems like the world is on my shoulders where I stand. Kind of makes me wish for the end of the world this Friday to be true, just so I can escape from the rut that I'm in. 

I'm at lost thinking if I should wait and see if things take a better turn, or take matters into my own hands and go on a new path. It's not like I didn't give it time. It's been a year and whenever things seem to be getting better, it all turns out to be the same and I'm getting tired. But a part of me wants to stay and watch it grow. 

Is this what adults deal with or am I going down the path of a mid-life crisis too soon?