Looking for the silver lining

With all the nonsensical drama that has been bugging me recently, I cannot help but feel helpless and being depressed about things. Although I must admit that there are a few good things that I can hold on to and count on to bring me back to a better place. I should call these people/things my wooden plank and pretend I'm Rose from Titanic. Even when all hope seems lost and my Jack has frozen to death, I still have a wooden plank to lie on until I'm rescued. Lately I'm getting tired of holding on to things that make me unhappy and have started questioning my own thoughts. Why can't I start focusing on things that I'm lucky enough to have, instead of dwelling on things that make me feel miserable? Yes, they're miserable and are still in my life but since I have to live with them then I shall put in extra effort to focus on things that make me happy. I'm going to leave them negative thoughts at the dumpster tonight and enjoy my not-too-bad life. Tonight is my friend, Joanna's hen's night and I'm looking forward to have a great girls' night out. Hope there aren't too many indoor smokers around to spoil my mood (and vision). If I manage to capture some nice sassy photos, I'll be happy enough to share some in a next post :)