My home today

I ventured out of home today for a baking class, obviously ignoring the fact that there is a scheduled demonstration in the city. It's not as if I was oblivious to it till the last minute, but we decided to go ahead anyhow. I managed to escape a massive roadblock, had to take a huge turn around to get to the road I was headed towards and got safely to our destination. We had a great time cranking out delicious apple pie and pound cake from the oven. In between the baking, we managed to squeeze in some very interesting comments about the state that we are currently in - 3 Malaysian girls with a German lady who has lived in this country longer than any one of us have. But sadly she is leaving the country very soon.

I was hesitant about reaching home safely but I managed to get my way. I guess being a typical Malaysian driver gave me a lot of training for days like this. Plenty of skillful and creative driving in order to reach my destination.

Catching up on news surrounding the whole BERSIH episode is absolutely amazing in this day and age. How could we have seen all the on-ground videos in just a couple of years ago? I appreciate the guts of those who have no fear and willingly march down the streets to share a piece of their thoughts. It's saddening to see how the government is overreacting to a rally, causing so much pain and inconvenience. Look at how the foreign governments are treating Malaysians living abroad who have also participated in the rally from afar. This just shows the difference in the level of maturity. It also pains me to see how some people are so gullible, agreeing that the rally supporters were the root cause of the inconvenience. Honestly I wouldn't ask for a chaotic country as much as any peace-loving Malaysian. I just want to see us living in a cleaner and fairer state.

I am anxious to see how Malaysia can grow out of this state and would love to see my children (and their children) grow up in a better Malaysia.

In case you were curious enough about my baking adventure today, here's the end result of our community effort. A delish apple pie and raisin pound cake. The cake didn't cool down in time for me to try a slice but I heard it tasted more than alright.