Had an apple today

Look what came in the mail for me today!!

Looking back the past week, I have to give it to Maxis for making up for the terrible customer service by their dealer. So far Maxis has been timely with their promised delivery dates and it would've been a smooth sailing journey if it wasn't for the rude a*hole. But hey, life isn't perfect and it hasn't been too bad this week.

Let's hope I don't turn into one of those people who hang on to their devices for dear lives. I also have this need to clarify that I still don't agree with the term 'smart phone'. I feel it makes some idiots suddenly feel like they've become smart asses after they buy one of these (note: show-offs). I'll probably be infatuated and busy with this baby for a couple of weeks and then the fever will eventually die down.

Excuse me while I go check with my friend, Mr Google on how to make it an even more awesome device.