Why I'm no food blogger

I do follow a couple of food blogs and I've always admired their skills and patience for photographing such great pictures of the food. I can't say I didn't try but I don't find myself salivating over my own food shots. I still do take pictures of my food sometimes but it's mainly to chronicle my food adventures in a different country, or to just share with some close friends. Recently a couple of close friends have just started their own food blog, but mainly concentrating in the Northern region as they reside in Penang. I must say, I salute their patience because I would've wolfed down the food as soon as they are placed on the table.

I'm not the only one who shows a lack of enthusiasm for blogging about food. Anthony Bourdain has always been vocal about his dislike for food bloggers (and vegans) and I can't help but chuckle in agreement after I watched this episode of No Reservations some time back. Btw, I have a stronger dislike for vegans compared to food bloggers. I've blogged about that before.

I think most of the food bloggers aren't as extreme as the ones which Bourdain has interviewed. Most are just sharing their experience and want to make it known to the rest of the population. For me, I prefer to savour the moment - while the food is fresh and hot from the kitchen. I may have good pictures after spending a good few minutes working with a DSLR, but the dish would've turned cold and I wouldn't have preferred that. I think my meal companions wouldn't be too pleased about waiting for me to finish taking photographs either.

Yesterday I tried flexing my food photography skills...

Like I said, I prefer to have my food hot and fresh from the kitchen.