typhoon can't beat the bug

I'm typing out this entry with a throbbing head and an aching heart. Taipei managed to dodge Typhoon Consoon and I have a strong feeling that we wouldn't have to cancel our flight to Taipei on Wednesday. But I caught a cold this morning and I'm feeling a little chilled to the bones. I've managed to survive the cool winds of Cameron Highlands for three days but one blast of air-conditioning in the office knocked me to fall flat on my face. This sucks sooooo bad. Mister or miss flu bug, can you please go away now and leave me to be on holiday in peace? If you want me so bad, you may come back next week. Just not now. I've been too excited for this to happen. Did'ya know I even planned my outfits for this trip? I've never planned my outfits for any trip in my life!! Please just go away. TQVM.