She ain't Linda Lovelace

My friend, Chindiana (recently more known as Diana Chin) blogged about the quirkiest Top 5 names of GROs that he had met before and I couldn't help but think of a similar situation that happened to me on Friday. No, I didn't meet a GRO but instead I met someone with a really wacky name.

My shoulders and back were in knots so I decided to head to my favourite massage joint, Thai Odyssey. Felt obligated to mention the name of the place so that no one is going to think that I frequent some dodgy massage parlour. My usual masseuse, Naan was back home in Thailand so I had to settle for another person. As new masseuse was working on my back, I felt that she wasn't beyond spectacular compared to Naan so I figured I might as well stick to Naan when she comes back because she could speak a little bit of Mandarin. New masseuse had me practically dead set on not wanting to use her anymore as she pulled the towel away from my chest when it came to that part of the session. Naan usually keeps the towel where it belongs. But who knew that towards the end, I changed my mind. New masseuse had this spectacular move which she used on my neck and it led me to heaven. My stiff neck had never felt so relieved before. So there, new masseuse won my heart with the smooth neck trick and I decided to switch from my next visit onwards.

So after the session ended I went to the counter to find out her name. The receptionist gave me my receipt and wrote it next to new masseuse's staff number. It spelled 'P-O-R-N'. My eyes nearly dropped out of their sockets when I saw her name. That was kinda like my private LOL moment. I'm positive her name is pronounced as 'porhnnnnn' in her home country and is no where near 'porn' and what that means. We need to get our twisted little heads to start thinking straight.


Chindiana said...

wei you're the ONLY one still calling me Diana! the moment passed ler....

any way porn quite common thailand as many of their names end with it - sumiporn, tasaporn, etc.

those names above are some of my ex colleagues!